• Peter Comiskey

Final Project Details for Water and Sewer

I am thrilled to show you the details that have been finalized for the Water and Sewer Project for Balboa Park.

A higher level summary

  • The project will now begin in September and run for approximately 7 months.

  • There will be two project teams to expedite the work

  • The work will be undertaken at night (10pm start - 9am finish)

  • The work areas will be substantially filled and patched daily with small areas that are not patched surrounded by bike rack (not ugly construction fence)

A HUGE thanks to Steve Snyder, Bill Lawrence, city teams and Mayor's office for being so flexible in making sure this project is completed with the needs of Balboa Park guests in mind.

Thanks also to the engagement of the NAT team and the Youth Performing Arts organizations. your flexibility

Please see the images below. These are also available in larger format by clicking on the links below.

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