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Balboa Park Cultural District
Experience Plan

The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, in association with many key public and private partners, is excited to announce the development of a visitor experience plan for Balboa Park’s Cultural District!


Why an Experience Plan?

Balboa Park Cultural District stakeholders realize that two critical issues must be addressed, the disparate unconnected nature of the multiple visitor experiences and the barriers that have been erected that prevent the Cultural District from being embraced by all of San Diego as a bi-national region. Each of these issues has its roots in the history of the Cultural District itself.


Cultural District partners and stakeholders wish to develop a Visitor Experience Plan that incorporates, heightens and optimizes the current elements found within the Cultural District, while incorporating new opportunities to arrive at an integrated, inclusive, uniquely San Diego visitor experience.


Cultural Experiences for Everyone in Balboa Park

The Cultural District within Balboa Park is a unique area densely packed with nonprofit arts, science, history and culture organizations, artists, historic buildings, and gardens. Experiences that connect people to these topics are intended to engage visitors with the highest expressions of human creativity and achievement, and inspire them to pass on a legacy of the past while stimulating new expressions of human striving.

Meet the Balboa Park Cultural District Advisory Board

Recently the Cultural Partnership formed an advisory board as a way to broaden connections throughout the San Diego region and ensure that planning for the Cultural District is reflective of our local heritage and culture. In relationship with the Experience Planning effort, this board will participate in selecting a firm, then engage heavily with the selected company to fulfill the IDEA aspects of the experience planning work.

The Planning Process

Soon we will begin a search for a company made of experts in experience planning. Once funding has been finalized, this firm, the Cultural Partnership and key partners, and the advisory board will work together to deliver overall concepts and recommendations for enhancing visitor experiences in the Cultural District. The plan will provide:

  • Inventory of existing visitor engagement opportunities

  • Assessment of existing visitor experience including strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement

  • Recommendations on best use and integration of existing visitor opportunities as well as identification of new offerings

  • Integrated Visitor Experience Plan or Plans including representative visitor journeys

  • Implementation Plan and recommendations for cultural experience planning processes long-term

Would you like to stay connected to the Balboa Park Cultural District Experience Plan process? Click here to receive regular updates on our progress.

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